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Secret Garden

16th June 2013

I've just got back from a lovely holiday with my husband Paul, we had a week in Rhodes followed by a week in Scotland (I love Scotland so much!! I'm fully tempted to live there at some point in my life - such a beautiful place, friendly people and crackin' fish and chips, mmmm!!

I returned home to my first lot of fabric swatches of my new collection Secret Garden, so I'm enjoying my first day back at work by cutting out the different colour ways and making decisions over which ones to choose

The design began life when my mum and I went to Haddon Hall, near Bakewell in Derbyshire, which sports some lovely little hidden doors and windows surrounded by foliage. Another trip to the gardens of Hardwick Hall, also in Derbyshire, made it clear to me that I was loving the whole concept of secret gardens.

The design is full of key holes, keys, robins, rabbits, berries, brick walls, ivy, nettles, foxgloves, and garden doors hidden amongst foliage.

Hope you like this little sample ...

Drawing just because I love it

8th April 2013

Recently Paul and I decided to conduct a bit of research in our local area surrounding Loughborough. We've got a 6 year old nephew and after exhausting all the different park options that Loughborough has to offer, feeding the ducks and playing water games in the back garden, we thought it's about time we found some new activities we could do with him and my sister when they come to visit. Needless to say the idea of spending a day like a child with my fun loving husband was a very exciting prospect, so off to the farm we went.

Something that I noticed in all the farm animals was that they each had personality and I found their faces really funny. Where possible I tried to get a shot of each of them looking into the camera

I find goats are the most amusing creatures to look at, I'm going to assume that this was Matilda

It was December when we went on this trip and since looking back at these pictures I've decided to pick my pen and start drawing, just for the sake of drawing because I love it and I find these animals very amusing. So here goes, say 'hello' to the mummy pig we was feeding her piglets (after taking this picture she made a lunge from my camera)

Another image I'd like to draw was this barn full of chickens, I shook the bucket of feed once and this was the response I got ...

Bella was clearly not happy to be on a diet, she stayed well out of the way of tempation and stuck to the back of her enclosure

More farm animal sketches to follow ...

Clinging on to Spring

20th March 2013

Following my premature post about it feeling Spring-ish, I am thoroughly saddened by the chill that still lingers in the air. Either way though I'm still clinging to that feeling of freshness, joy, vibrance, and new beginnings that comes with Spring

I've felt challenged to pick up the creative batton again and start drawing just for the sake of drawing, because I like it. And who knows, from that designs will emerge and I'm hoping to launch a new collection this summer - ooo exciting, watch this space!!